German Science Society: Symposium for Alumni and Early Career Researchers

Location since 2016: Berlin, 2020: virtual event
Target audience Approximately 200 international, young scientists from a wide range of disciplines and research institutions, as well as alumni coming from the fields of science, politics and business.
Objective The promotion of exchange and interaction among young and experienced scientists. To establish international and interdisciplinary networks.
Previous format Annual, multi-day onsite event in Berlin with key notes, panel discussions and parallel workshops along with networking sessions and social events. Participants actively participate in the design of the program in order to address a broad and interdisciplinary range of topics.
The challenge To transform the symposium into a virtual setting, taking into account the high quality of the scientific presentations while preserving the event’s special networking characteristic.
New format A studio in Berlin was set up to ensure high quality production and enable moderators and keynote speakers to engage in mutual dialogues.
Interactive elements were integrated to encourage virtual exchanges between participants, e.g. virtual break out rooms, United We Stream playlists, word clouds, newsfeed wall.
In addition, virtual networking features like a networking carousel, match making or a digital pub quiz, were offered to enable spontaneous, personal discussions during coffee breaks or dinner.
Services Conceptualisation, consultation, organization, budgeting & financial processing, speaker management and coordination of all service providers.